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What makes our spoons special?

Discover the Bink’s Spoons Difference: Engineered for Versatility and Crafted for Champions. Our jigging spoons, renowned for their precision craftsmanship and unparalleled performance, are your key to unlocking trophy catches and year-round fishing success.

Versatile Fishing Tools

Explore our range of jigging spoons (sometimes called slab spoons) designed to attract a wide variety of fish species.

Precision Craftsmanship

Bink’s Spoons are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and optimal performance on the water.

Target Big Catches

Whether you’re jigging in deep waters or casting near the shore, our jigging spoons are engineered to entice trophy-sized fish to strike.

Proven Success

Trusted by anglers worldwide, Bink’s Jigging Spoons have a proven track record of delivering results when it matters most.

Wide Selection

Choose from a diverse selection of colors, sizes, and designs to match your fishing conditions and preferences.

Expertly Balanced

Each jigging spoon is expertly balanced to provide a natural and enticing falling action, making it irresistible to hungry fish.

Effective Year-Round

Whether you’re fishing in the heat of summer or the depths of winter, Bink’s Jigging Spoons are effective year-round, ensuring you never miss a bite.

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We Have The Perfect Spoon Sizes & Colors for Every Fish

Unlock the secrets to successful fishing with our versatile range of jigging spoons, tailored to help you land a trophy catch in any water. Our carefully selected sizes and an array of vibrant colors are designed to mimic the natural prey of various fish species, ensuring you have the ideal lure for any condition, season, or target. From the agile walleye in the murky depths, the fierce bass lurking in the shadows, to the elusive crappie dancing through the water columns, our collection covers it all.

Spoon Sizes:

Micro (1/8 oz): Perfect for finesse fishing and clear waters.

Light (1/4 oz): Ideal for shallow water and sensitive biters.

Medium (3/8 oz & 1/2 oz): The go-to for most fishing conditions, balancing castability and visibility.

Spoon Colors:

Our palette ranges from natural, subtle hues for clear waters to bright, eye-catching colors for murky conditions.

Each color is chosen to enhance visibility and attractiveness to fish, reflecting light and mimicking fish prey movements to trigger strikes.

Whether you’re aiming for a record-breaking walleye, a hefty bass, or a crappie for the dinner table, our jigging spoons are your trusted ally. Dive into our collection and find your perfect match for any fishing adventure.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of customers have used Bink’s Spoons to catch more fish.

“The Bink Spoon is a great product that has been one of those outdoor products that has truly changed my life and how I fish. I ranks right up there with the other life changing outdoor products – GPS/Topo fish finders, braided/super lines and GPS trolling motors. Your service has always been spectacular and the people I meet on the lakes have nothing but great things to say about the product and the service they receive. Thank You!”

Craig Barulich

“THE CRAPPIE SURE LOVED THESE! This weekend the crappie were all about this color on this spoon. Normally they also bite minnows and other jigs but not this time. I caught 5 in a row as soon as my line dropped and never even had time to jig it. Several times I had to go through the gills to unhook because they were swallowing it. Had 12 in no time. Bink’s Spoons are the best, color matters.”


“GREAT LURE! First cast with this lure I had a fish. First fishing session on saltwater I caught At least 50 fish , 8 different species. The fish love it. Caught weakfish. Porgies,shad,Bluefish, sea robin,northern puffer and sea bass. The finish really holds up much better than competitors spoons. Great selection of sizes and colors and the PRICE IS GREAT,”

Randolph Vollmer

“5 STARS FOR PERFORMANCE! I live in northern California on the California Delta, we target stripe bass and salmon, we do spooning and have basically 2 choices P line later minnow, and blade runner, then I heard about the Binks spoons, so I orders some 1 oz, and 2 oz mini shade, I was shocked to see how good this spoon worked compared to the P Line lazer minnow and the Blade runner spoon. Conclusion the Binks spoon out performed both other spoons, that I retired the P Line & Blade runner. The Binks is the best spoon I have ever used, quality and performance Ralph, Lodi California”

Ralph Epperson

“Love Binks Spoons for crappie and walleye! Like every fishing lure or gadget ever built, there are some days they will not leave my Binks spoon alone. And then there’s some days I can’t hardly hit them on the head with one. But most of the time, these Binks spoons work really well for Crappie. I primarily use 1/8 oz for them. I cut 1 of the 3 barbs off to easily take the hook out and put a berkley crappie nibble on 1 hook point. Jig easily and fillet once done😋. Then I will cast for walleye and use all the way up to a 1/2 oz. Deep water I have an assortment of 1 oz as well.”

John Schulmeister

“Not sure how or why these work. I had been struggling to get a bite going while ice fishing and although an occasional fish would bite most were just lookers. I tied on this spoon and the lookers became biters. I have other spoons that look similar to my eyes so started experimenting. I took this spoon off and tried five others, nothing. Tied this one back on caught a fish. Did this three times with the same result. They work and I’m not sure exactly how or why.”


“Excellent Product These baits work amazing. Set out to target Stripers and White Bass and ended up coming home with Crappie.”

Tim Harris

“AWESOME SPOONS! Awesome fish catching spoons. Super prompt delivery. Couldn’t be happier with these spoons”

David Michael Fuiten

“I recently caught a 26 pound striper on a 3/8 oz Blue Metallic. Love it! Thanks for a great product!”


“Killer spoons! These spoons really do fall like a crippled or dying shad on the fall! I anticipate many crappie succumbing to these spoons this spring and summer!”

Mark Revel

“Dang good spoon! Binks spoons are my go to spoon. I’ve tried others similar to them but with poor results. Great for walleye, wipers and white bass.”

Dan Kough

“Proven Catcher! Everything from bluegills to stripers, this bait catches them all! Greatest lure I’ve ever used. Thanks for making them!”

Katherine Johnson