Bink's Specialist Spinning Rod

Bink's Specialist Spinning Rod

After several prototypes we have finally come up with the ultimate jigging Rod. Bink's rods are 5'7" and 6'6" medium heavy action rods utilizing Scrimless Fiber Design.

Scrimless Fiber Design (SFD) was introduced to reduce energy robbing materials used in rod blank construction and push fishing rod performance to the highest levels demanded by today’s top anglers. SFD represents a completely new approach to rod blank design and construction by eliminating the use of a fiberglass or carbon paper scrim. By not utilizing the customary fiberglass and/or carbon paper scrim traditionally used in rod blanks, blanks featuring SFD are void of these vibration dampening lower modulus materials. This provides a platform for crisp vibration transmission and increased blank responsiveness. High quality linear carbon fiber cloth that is up to 29% thinner and 9% lighter than traditional materials is paired with an exact resin matrix mix to create a durable composite that after high pressure rolling is 4% tighter than previous designs. Hoop strength is maintained through a proven proprietary design that ensures rods won’t fail during an epic fish fight. Rod blanks built using SFD have higher final average modulus ratings and are some of the lightest, most sensitive and durable blanks available today.

The casting rod has a pistol grip which is getting harder to find. The combination of the pistol grip and the light weight of the rod allow you to work spoons for hours without wearing yourself out. All size spoons from 1/4 oz to 1 oz can be worked effectively with these rods.

The guides are high quality titanium chrome guides.

Not only is this an awesome rod for spooning but it's great for all lures that require a high performance rod.

Special Notes:

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  • All of our spoons work great for all species of fish!

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