Bink's Pro Series Spoon

Bink's Pro Series Spoon

Our Bink's Pro Series Spoon is your go to jigging spoon for all species of fish, both saltwater and freshwater.

For Clear Water Best Colors Are:

Albino, Arkansas Shiner, Blue Back, Black Back, Chartreuse Back, Fluorescent Green Back, Pink Back, Red Head, Red Throat, White Scale

For Stained Water Best Colors Are:

Blue Gill, Blue Metallic, Clown, Fire Tiger, Gold, Grey Back Orange Belly, Silver

1 oz - Typically for depths 35' and deeper.

3/4 oz - Typically for depths 25' to 35'.

1/2 oz - Typically for depths 15' to 25'.

1/4 oz and 1/8th oz - Typically for depths 1' to 15'.

Special Notes:

  • Free shipping for all orders $25.00 and up
  • Buy 5 spoons of the same size and color and we'll ship you one for free!
  • All of our spoons work great for all species of fish!

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