4 Rod Holders $99.96 + Free Shipping

4 Rod Holders $99.96 + Free Shipping

Arnold's Ice Rod Holders

During my many years ice fishing there were several occasions that a big fish almost pulled my rod down the hole. And every rod holder I bought and tried put my rod at the same risk. So I decided to make my own ice rod holder. I made several prototypes and tested them. I refined the design and made it better each time I made a new one. Now the body is tall enough to keep the reel up off the ice and above some of the blowing snow. The width is wide to keep the arms away from the edge of the hole so that on a windy day the line is less likely to get tangled on them. I shortened the length of the arms to make it easier to fold. The holder is made of aluminum and ABS so it is strong and light weight. The Velcro tie keeps the holder in a tight package so it is easy to carry and store. The ends of the Velcro are easy to see so the holder is quick to setup. The factory made holder is red anodized aluminum and black ABS so it can be seen and won’t accidentally get left on the ice the end of the day. The best thing is my rod is secure. I no longer worry that a big fish might pull my rod down the hole. That cannot happen with this holder.

Several ice fisherman that saw my rod holders while I was using them asked me if I would make some for them. I declined because I knew I couldn’t make them fast enough to sell them for a price anyone would be willing to pay. But I thought if they could be made quickly enough to be sold for a reasonable price a lot of fishermen would want them. So I teamed up with a guy that has the contacts to help make and distribute them. We are trying to fill a need and help our fellow fishermen. So we are keeping the price as low as we can and we aren’t trying to make a lot of money selling them. I wish they were available years ago when I was looking for a good rod holder. These holders work great, are made in the USA, and they are a bargain.

As an added bonus I am including my dead stick setup. It took me several years of experimenting to develop this setup. I wanted to catch fish for their photo op and release them unharmed. I have caught and released many, many fish using this setup. It will work for you too. Enjoy and good fishing.

Richard Arnold


Color = Red and Black

Approx. Weight = 1 pound 5 oz

Size + or - .5”              Length     Width     Height
Folded                            23”            2”           9”
Setup                             29”          16”           9”

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