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Bink's Pro Series Spoons. The Ultimate Jigging Spoon.


Well known guide Darrell Binkley of Bink's Guide Service in Arkansas used his many years of experience when developing one of the most effective spoons for vertical and horizontal jigging that is available to the fisherman today.

The Bink's Pro Series Spoon is unique in that it is perfectly balanced so it falls with an action that fish can't resist and doesn't hang the line on the hook.

The spoon closely resembles a young of the year shad and when dropped into the water, it flutters from side to side while sinking, much the same as an injured shad. Any predator fish will hit the Bink's Spoon without hesitation because of its striking resemblance in its look and action to a real shad.

Bink’s spoons are made with the highest quality materials available. The Pro Series Spoons come in 16 different colors and five sizes. Additionally the “Many Shads” come in White and Silver colors at 1 oz weight and there is an additional ¼  and 1/8 oz spoon white with a pink back.


Walleye :

The Bink Spoon is extremely effective for walleye year around. The most popular method is horizontal jigging where you cast the spoon out and let it drop to the bottom and then snap the spoon back to the boat. On the left side of this page is a link to videos on horizontal and vertical jigging. When walleye are shallow use the 1/8 and 1/4 oz spoons. The 1/2 oz spoon is effective up to 25' and the 3/4 oz spoon to 40'. When they are deeper than 40' go to the 1 oz spoon. The most popular colors for clear lakes are Arkansas Shiner and Clown. For stained lakes the most popular colors are Clown, Fire Tiger, and Blue Metallic. Blue Glow is also popular for clear and stained lakes. Instead of drifting with a worm, leach, or minnow. Drifting with a Bink Spoon works great! Just keep snapping it.


Large and Small mouth Bass :

The Bink Spoon is effective for bass when they go deep. This is usually in June depending on what part of the country you are in. Both horizontal and vertical jigging are effective. In clear lakes the white colors are the best with Chartreuse Back and Arkansas Shiner being the most popular. For stained lakes Bluegill, Grey Back/Orange Belly, and Blue Metallic are the colors of choice.


Striped Bass:

Spooning for hybrid and striped bass usually starts in June and lasts through February. When these fish go deep there is no better way to catch them than with the Bink Spoon. During August and September in the southern lakes it's not uncommon to limit out in less than one hour. The most popular colors in clear lakes are the 1 oz White Many Shad and Red Throat, but all of the white colors are effective. In stained lakes the 1 oz Silver Many Shad, Silver, and Blue Metallic are the colors of choice. Be sure to check out our video on Vertical Jigging.


White Bass :

Like walleye, white bass can be caught year around with the Bink Spoons. The techniques are the same as walleye in shallow water but as they get deeper vertical jigging is usually more effective. The colors of choice are the same as with striped bass.


Pan Fish :

The 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz Spoons are deadly for pan fish. Many monster Crappies have been caught with the Bink Spoons. Again the whites are more popular in clear lakes and the colored spoons and silver in stained lakes.


Ice Fishing :

Just recently the Bink Spoons have become popular for ice fishing. We offer three glow in the dark spoons that were designed for ice fishing. They come in 1/4 and 1/8 oz. In northern states with deep lakes the large spoons are extremely popular for ice fishing.


Salt Water Fishing:

Many of our customers have been successful using the Bink Spoons for a variety of salt water fish including Flounder, Grouper, and Red Snapper. Using them off of piers is also very effective for all species of salt water fish. 


 All 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz Spoons are $3.99


  All 1/2 to 1 oz Spoons are $4.99


  1/8 oz and 1/4 oz Do Not Have Swivels